Cloud Outsourcing are your first choice for a strategic outsourcing partner. Our ability to adapt, understand and work alongside with all types of industries has proven to be Cloud Outsourcing’s largest complement to its clients.

Cloud outsourcing has over 20 years’ experience in the set up and establishment of offshore employees with the correct systems and measures in place to provide a smooth addition to any company looking to have an offshore workforce.

Cloud outsourcing have a proven approach to working with its outsourcing partners with a detailed approached to plan, strategize, execute and then improve our client’s results.

Plan and Strategize:

Cloud outsourcing will assist you to Develop a comprehensive outsourcing strategy, including scenarios, plans and directives. The plan is to achieve optimal levels of competencies based on the desired outcome of our client.

Implement the Plan and Strategy:

Introduce our management team to the outsourcing plan strategies, competencies and goals that ensures long-term business outcomes. Management team will oversee the complete implantation of the Plan and Strategy.


Build a strong foundation by executing the core competencies. Implement processes, and a performance structures where possible. Continuously Make updates based on disruptive trends and changing business requirements. Remove reactive management processes where possible and add proactive solutions for our clients.

Record and Improve:

Recognize that measuring the service-level agreements and performance metrics is critical for the ongoing execution and enforcement of processes. Use lessons learned from measurements to plan and execute for continuous improvement.
Cloud outsourcings facilities include A grade internet, firewalls, Crm systems, Computers, Secure services, back-up power generator’s this enables our clients to know they are receiving the highest level of offshore outsourcing.

The management team at cloud outsourcing is built around the understanding that we must hire and train to complete the core competencies of each client. Cloud Outsourcing offers its clients the highest quality of offshore employees through its highly targeted recruitment using a three-stage interview process that include aptitude test, Background Checks, Drug Screening, Medical Screening, completion of non-compete clauses and confidentiality agreements.