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Virtual Receptionist

The Challenge of Staying Available to Your Clients

When you and your staff are out an about doing business, or just trying to get work done, interruptions can stand in the way of productivity. But if you’re not on hand to field customer calls, provide important company information, and coordinate future appointments, you could be missing out on valuable business opportunities.

Every workplace needs someone to answer the phone, handle routine enquiries, take messages and schedule appointments, but maintaining a physical office can expensive if you operate in locations with high price rentals. If you’re operating in the global environment, keeping that resource running 24/7 can rapidly escalate costs. These employees are often the first point of contact for new clients, so you want to ensure they represent you knowledgeably and professionally. First impressions count.

A Virtual Receptionist from the Philippines is a Cost-effective Solution

When you can’t justify the cost of maintaining a full-time, onsite assistant, recruiting a Virtual Receptionist from the Philippines offers the perfect solution.  As the first point of contact for your business, they can handle the bulk of your organisational tasks, like taking your calls and messages, scheduling your appointments, and answering general customer enquiries about you and your company’s services. You get all the benefits of expert support without the overheads of expensive real estate.

Cloud Outsourcing can help you recruit, train and manage expert virtual receptionists to support and coordinate with your on-the-ground team. Selecting from our pool of highly-skilled business support professionals will save you money by cutting administrative expenses, without risking your brand or reputation.

Cloud Outsourcing’s Virtual Receptionists are real people, trained in telephone etiquette and equipped with polished, customer service skills. They understand they represent you and your company and how important first impressions are. All our recruits have excellent English Skills and undergo accent reduction training. Your clients won’t have any idea that your valuable new team members are thousands of miles away. Your call will get answered regardless of whether you’re out, closed for the day, or, off on holidays!

If you want to know how Cloud Outsourcing can extend your workforce by helping you establish a virtual reception that will make your business operations more efficient and cost-effective, contact us now.


  • Call Management
  • Email Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Data Entry/Transcription
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Online Presence Updating
  • Spreadsheet Creation
  • Bill Paying