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Excellent Customer Service is Vital to Your Business

The quality of your Customer Service can make or break your business. Excellent customer service will build a loyal and happy customer base, drive repeat business and rave reviews. Customer service starts the minute they come in contact, continues through the buying process, and for the life of the product or service, including maintenance and warranties.

The Challenge with Providing Customer Service Functions

Maintaining an in-house Customer Service team can be both time-consuming and inefficient, resulting in increased operational costs and overheads. Recruitment, training and retention costs can quickly escalate in this competitive job market. Expanding your onsite team also requires space, yet another expense in a rising rental market

A Solution to Your Customer Service Needs

The majority of customer service functions don’t require face-to-face contact. As long as your customer can communicate with a helpful and knowledgeable contact representing your organisation in a language they understand, you will meet their needs.

Outsourcing your Customer Service department to a low-cost location like the Philippines can reduce your costs significantly, without sacrificing quality. You can cut your overall customer service budget or expand your customer service function, providing an even better customer experience.

Cloud Outsourcing can help you recruit, train and manage a team of highly trained, customer-focused Filippino staff. Once we understand your requirements, we undertake a robust screening process of our extensive database to present you with a list of potential employees. All have a high level of English, speak clearly with neutral accents, and understand Western culture. Our hand-picked operators ensure all feedback is handled professionally and respectfully.

Cloud Outsourcing personnel are skilled in Customer Relationship Management techniques and tools to generate improved response rates, increase orders and develop loyalty programs. These techniques have proved invaluable in customer retention and improved business relations, both of which drive sales growth.

Cloud Outsourcing offer flexibility in how you manage your new team. We can manage your all of your customer service functions with a shared unit of customer service personnel who will expertly handle all your order processing, inquiry handling, billing support, help desk / technical support, and inbound sales from our modern facility in the Philippines. Or you can choose one or more dedicated personnel to integrate with your current onsite customer service team. Whatever model you choose, you’ll have a cost-effective, customer-focused, results-driven quality resource to support your business’s growth and success.

If you want to know more about how Cloud Outsourcing can improve your Customer Service functions call us now.

Core Capabilities

  • Voice support
  • Online chat support
  • Customer liaison
  • CRM Management
  • VOIP, Virtual PBX
  • Lead Maintenance
  • Call Overflow
  • Customer Care