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Call Centers Keep your Customers Close

Maintaining effective communications with your current and potential customers is essential for business sustainability and growth. Connecting by phone is one of the most efficient methods of contact, so every business needs some form of call centre support.

Challenges of Creating a Call Center

Unless you have dedicated resources to provide both inbound support and outbound prospecting for clients, you’re at risk of missing out on sales and opportunities. Call Centre support infrastructure is expensive to establish, uses sophisticated technology and requires highly trained staff with excellent people management skills to operate effectively. You and your onsite employees’ efforts should be focused on delivering products and services to your market rather than continually making and fielding calls. In this competitive job market, finding, recruiting, training, housing and retaining local talent is time-consuming and expensive.

A Solution for Your Call Centre Support Needs

At Cloud Outsourcing, we can build, manage, and staff a dedicated call centre for your business, significantly cheaper than equivalent services at home. We have the knowledge, resources and experience in the Philippines to rapidly assemble the infrastructure, technology and employees you need to get your customer communications humming in no time at all.

Inbound call centres specialise in customer care and can manage all of your service inquiries, helping you to retain customers and build your brand. Outbound call centres specialise in telemarketing, lead generation, closing sales and providing expert customer service and support to increase your customer base.

Cloud Outsourcing’s maintains an extensive database of highly skilled and professional call centre recruits who specialise in both inbound and outbound voice calls for any size and type of business. Whether you need customer and technical support or sales and marketing expertise, we can help you find the right people to extend your workforce and help you achieve your business goals.

We can help you recruit, manage and train one Call Centre support professional who will extend, and integrate with, your existing sales personnel; or an entire team to handle all your call centre functions. Our extensive screening process will ensure you get experienced, professional operators who are fluent and persuasive in English while exhibiting patience and understanding with your valued customers. All our operators have extensive knowledge of western culture, are experts in their specific fields, and are trained in the latest call centre technology.

Equipped with training, tools and technology and staffed by dedicated professionals, your new call centre will be both economical and practical, enabling you to build customer loyalty and generate new business regardless of your customer’s time zone.


  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Support
  • Lead Follow up
  • Surveys
  • Cold Calling
  • Online Sale Help
  • IT Support
  • VOIP, Virtual PBX