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Why Sales and Marketing is Integral to Your Success

Sales and Marketing are fundamental to your organization’s growth strategy. If you’re not generating new business, increasing sales from current customers, building customer loyalty and re-establishing interest from lost customers, your business is not going to thrive.  

Sales and Marketing Challenges

Finding expert sales and marketing staff with the skills to consistently discover and target qualified leads, effectively convert those leads, and nurture those prospects to close deals is frustrating, time intensive, and costly. You need people on board and generating revenue as soon as possible.

The Sales and Marketing job market is highly competitive. You can end up with mediocre performance unless you’re prepared to pay top dollar and there’s no guarantee that when you do find someone suitable, they’ll hang around long enough for you to recover those sunk costs.

Smaller organizations might not have the space to accommodate the range of expertise they need. Saddling existing employees with sales and marketing tasks diverts them from their core processes.

A Cost-Effective Sales and Marketing Solution

Cloud Outsourcing provides access to skilled and experienced Sales and Marketing professionals from the Philippines to extend your workforce. You save time and money because we can recruit and deploy new hires faster and with much less hassle than expanding your onsite team. That means they’re finding new business and making sales sooner.

We specialize in finding exceptional employees who will stay with you for years to come, providing stability and continuity for your sales and marketing strategy.

Your new team members can take charge of all your sales and marketing tasks or provide additional support to your current employees. Either way, they’ll consistently deliver results and add long-term value, increasing your profitability and significantly reducing your overheads.

Cloud Outsourcing can find the perfect match for your organization across a range of Sales and Marketing sub-disciplines including Lead Generation, Customer Acquisition, Telesales, Call Center, Telemarketing, Cold Calling, and b2b Lead Generation

Call now to find out how Cloud Outsourcing can deliver a cost-effective Sales and Marketing solution for your business now.


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  • B2C Appointment Setting
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