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Virtual Assistant Philippines

Time is money.  Your input is essential to the smooth operation and profitability of your company but having enough time to ensure that all parts of your business run efficiently is a constant challenge in an increasingly fast-paced business environment. There are too many administrative tasks that fill up your day, preventing you from managing critical strategic issues. You need trusted and reliable assistance to make sure things get done.

The Challenge with Sourcing Administrative Assistance

Recruiting, training and managing an experienced personal assistant is a time-consuming and costly process, and in today’s competitive job market, there’s no guarantee your staff will stick around unless you’re paying top dollar.

Sourcing help from a Temp Agencies is expensive when you’re paying the market salary plus agency rates, with no guarantee they won’t move onto the next job as soon as you’ve trained them in what you need and how you operate.

A Cost- Effective Support Solution

With today’s technology, your business support doesn’t need to be onsite. Organisations around the world recognise the convenience and economic advantages of sourcing Virtual Assistants from low-cost locations such as the Philippines. With a seemingly endless pool of quality, highly educated talent, exceptional English skills, and a reputation for reliability, Filipino Virtual Assistants are helping thousands of businesses run more effectively.

Cloud Outsourcing is ideally placed to recruit, train and manage your Virtual Assistant who will seamlessly integrate with your existing workforce and extend your capacity to get things done. We only recommend exceptional professionals with excellent communication and time management skills. They are reliable, resourceful, self-motivated and, above all, professional. But most of all, they’re with you for the long term.

A Cloud Outsourcing Virtual Assistant will unburden you of time-consuming administrative tasks that stop you from focusing on the things that matter. You choose the type of support you need, from invoicing clients, through to creating presentations, scheduling meetings, booking your travel, managing your emails, and answering your calls. They can even perform preliminary research on potential opportunities for your business, saving countless hours of time and effort.

By bringing our professional, customer-focused Virtual Assistants onboard, you gain expert resources you might otherwise not be able to afford.

Contact us now if you’re interested in finding out how Cloud Outsourcing can help you lighten your load and optimise your valuable time, leaving you with room to evolve and grow your business.


  • Email Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Data Entry/Transcription
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Online Presence Updating
  • Bill Paying
  • Spreadsheet Creation
  • Call Management